Terry Fox


Terry Fox

“I approach designing a dress as if I have an artist’s brush and a blank canvas in my hands; I need the picture to move and change as your eyes wander across the design, focussing on detailed embellishment along the way, and finding something new and even more intriguing on the way back.”

Award-winning bridal designer Terry Fox knows what she is doing. Her show-stopping gowns have been delighting brides for years and while her signature flamboyant style of heavily embellished corsets with theatrical skirts remain a passion, her current Siren Song collection adopts a much more BoHo feel for today’s modern bride. It has been said that Terry was responsible for bringing the vintage trend to the UK.

Using only the finest silks, satins and lace, each Terry Fox dress is made by hand in the UK. A skilled team works from the magical Bury St Edmunds showroom where every bead, sequin or flower are lovingly put onto each gown individually.

Terry began her career working alongside such fashion greats as Zandra Rhodes, Bellville Sassoon and the Emmanuels, where she learnt her trade. In her early career she sold her initial designs to Harrods and ran a sewing school at Liberty’s in London, where she taught the intricacies of corsetry. She became a regular contributor on the iconic BBC Clothes Show series, worked with Elton John to create a gown for his Nikita video and more recently Terry has been supplying jaw-dropping gowns for Strictly Come Dancing contestants.

And this is true of the made-to-measure bridal collections that Terry now creates for stockists all over the world.

The 2015 collection ranges from gowns which are gorgeously glamorous to those which are simply elegant. Add in the Terry Fox signature style of quirky, fun and vintage and you have a wide choice of wearable works of art which use only the finest fabrics and laces.

“Wedding dresses make dreams come true. It is my absolute mission to meet the challenge of each and every individual bride to make them the perfect dress, so there is a lot of soul-searching, memories, thoughts, relationships and wishes that go into the mix to get it right. What other dress would you put that much effort into?”

Terry offers a one-to-one couture service at the enchanting studio where crystal jars overflow with antique beads and pearls, Parisian armoires are filled with beautiful fabrics, and crystal cake stands are full of painted silk flowers, ribbons and trimmings. This appointment only service gives brides an insight into the enchanting world of Terry Fox.

In 2013 Terry was awarded the Best Bridal Designer of the Year by the UK Wedding Industry Awards.